excursions in Ancud Chiloé

The mystic island of Chiloé is treasure of hidden, beautiful places. Many of our guests extend their stay to go on exploring Chiloé.

We at Hostal Mundo Nuevo love our island and we glady share our knowledge with you and help you plan your day excursions.

Guided tours

Book your tour directly at our reception. The tour will be operated by an external agency.

PEnguin colony

Penguin Colony Puñihuil Ancud Chiloe

The penguin colonies of the island Puñihuil are unique due to the fact that it is worldwide the only spot where Humboldt and Magellan penguins nest in the same place. Along with the penguins sea lions, dolphins and sea birds share beaches and sea of this remote island.

* Duration ca. 3.5h

* September - March

Whale watching

Whale watching in Ancud

Enjoy the unique experience of whale watching in Ancud. Observe blue whales, humpback whales and other species almost on eye level and in reach directly from the boat. 

* Duration ca. 4h

* On boat ca. 3h

Kayak tour sunken forest

Kayak Tour Chepú river Ancud

This kayak tour following the river Chepú allows us to paddle through a sunken forest - a forest submerged during the 1960's earthquake and tsunami. This paddeling tour is a 100% mystic Chiloé experience.

* Duration approx. 5h 

* Thereof paddeling approx. 3h

Kayak tour San Antonio river

Kayaking in Ancud Rio San Antonio

The river San Antonio has very quiet waters and therefor is ideal for family excursions or for anybody without paddeling experience.

* Duration approx. 4h

* Thereof paddeling approx. 2.5 - 3h


Explore the surroundings of Ancud on your own. But if you prefer guided tours, we can organized all these excursions with an external agency. Just come to the reception.


Exlporing Ancud Chiloé

Ancud, situated at the Chacao channel, is the second largest city of Chiloe. Once its harbour was a strategic important hub for boats exlporing the Patagonian channels and navigating North after crossing the Cap Horn. Today, Ancud is a small, straightforward city dedicated to fishing. Fort, market, harbour and the well done museum offering deep insights into the culture and history of Chiloé are only some of its attractions. 


Discovering Castro Chiloé

During the 1960's earthquake Castro was severly damaged. Meanwhile the typical stelt house have been rebuilt. Together with the UNESCO world heritage wooden churches the "palafitos" are the main attraction of Castro. These churches were once built by boat constructors and Castro still preservers this art of wood crafting.

Peninsula lacuy

Excursion to peninsula Lacuy

Remote beaches, lonly bays and spread fisher villages are the caracteristics of the penisnula Lacuy. It's the ideal place to relaxe and slow down.

santuario de aves

Bird watching at Santuario de aves Caulin

At the beach of Caulin you can observe many different sea and land birds.  During winter it's the resting place for flamingos traveling from the North of Chile to this calm bay.


Mountain Bikes

Mountain bike rental at Hostal Mundo Nuevo Ancud

Rental for 24h: CLP 12'000

Rental per day: CLP10'000

Rental for 3h: CLP 7'000

Helmet, repair kit, pump and bike lock are included in the rental price.


Get more information and tips where to cycle directly at our reception.


Kayak rental at Hostal Mundo Nuevo Ancud

Rental per day 1-person kayak: CLP 15'000

Rental for 4h 1-person kayak: CLP 10'000


More information directly at our reception.